Collaborative Divorce Child Specialists

The Collaborative Divorce Child Specialist’s Role in the Divorce Process

The Child Specialist will provide the child/children with an opportunity to voice concerns regarding the divorce. The Child Specialist will keep the child’s/children’s best interest in mind at all times.

The Child Specialist must be a licensed mental health professional that is trained in Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce Process and Child Custody Mediation. It is important to know that the Child Specialist does not act as a psychotherapist and can never provide therapy services to the child/children. Because licensing is necessary, the same confidentiality requirements apply, except that the parents sign a waiver to permit the free exchange of information among all the Collaborative Divorce Team members in order to facilitate the process in the best interest of the child/children.

The Child Specialist will provide the parents with information and guidance to help their child/children through the divorce process.

The Child Specialist will provide information and assistance to the parents and the Collaborative Divorce Team that will help develop an effective custody and co-parenting plan for the child/children.