About Alternatives: Collaborative Divorce Group in LA & Orange County

Alternatives: Collaborative Divorce Group is dedicated to promoting and practicing a positive alternative to divorce litigation. Our group of attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial specialists is dedicated to non-adversarial conflict resolution for divorcing couples.

Alternatives: Collaborative Divorce Team is committed to reducing stress on the family and supporting members through their process of dissolution while safeguarding relationships between parents and children.

Collaborative Law is a divorce solution tailored to meet the needs of the family in crisis by reducing conflict out of Court. Our goal is to resolve the issues in divorce at a reasonable cost while reducing stress on the family. Our group has experts in each of the professional fields needed to work toward fair solutions to protect your family and your assets.

Each of our professionals maintains a separate and independent practice.
In order to select a team, clients are invited to contact and interview
professionals from this site.

Children Free from Parental Strife